Green Hydrogen Consulting Ltd offers consultancy and cost benefit feasibility analysis on producing green hydrogen from water using renewable electricity (eg wind turbine, solar panels) thus providing zero emission transport fuel from local land or roofing. Green hydrogen vehicles are consumer friendly (eg 400 miles range, 3-minute refuel time) and green hydrogen can be a cheaper fuel per mile than diesel fuel. By reducing pollution this technology can improve public health and quality of life in future cities as well as offering sustainable energy security also for rural communities. Please check our new H2WindSim modelling tool for wind farm owners and policy makers interested in green hydrogen.

Please have a look at a diagram of the green hydrogen concept. Check the video clips of hydrogen vehicles test driven by GHC at Hannover Messe during April 2013. This technology is market ready!

Wind farm owners and other renewable energy generation asset owners, vehicle fleet operators and government strategists – Green Hydrogen Consulting Ltd can offer you important, strategic, sustainable, innovative, revenue-increasing ideas and quantitative analysis.

Do not hesitate to contact us to bounce some ideas and discuss further how your business can benefit from early mover preparation and planning for the imminent green hydrogen economy.